At Sim we manufacture Scandinavian cosmetics, using high-quality raw materials at our solar energy run factory in Tampere, Finland. For us sensitivity and our Scandinavian heritage means strength in being ourselves. Our values are deeply rooted in Nordic life-style where purity, quality and design form foundation of what we do. We want to create professional hairdressing products that will ensure long professional career in the field we all love. Because of this all our technical products are by default perfume free. 
We create and manufacture products for people that value quality, safety and a modern Scandinavian elegance. We do not give empty promises, but build trust on honest and open conversation about our products, their features and raw materials. Being REAL is what we know best!

Our History.

Found in 1994, Sim Sensitive brand was started with a vision of high quality professional salon products infused with Nordic traditions of minimalism and purity. Sim Sensitive is one of the leading brands in the industry, offering niche and premium hair products. Beautiful and somewhat harsh Nordic nature sets the need for functional, yet gentle products that deeply nourish hair, supporting it in all weather conditions.

Our R&D team of chemists and industry professionals are constantly working on creating new formulas and products, as well as improving existing products to ensure Sim Sensitive goes hand in hand with lat- est industry trends and developments. We pursue our Finnish identity through Sim Sensitive brand being pure and minimalistic when it comes to choosing best formulation ingredients. We focus only on high quality and functional raw materials, without unnecessary additives. Most of our hair care and styling products, as well as full range of technical products for salon use, are completely perfume free to ensure that along with high quality products we offer our clients also a safer working environment.

Sustainable choices

We have grown our brand through hard work and authenticity. It is important to us to follow environmentally friendly practices when thinking of consumption and product life-cycle. Our products are born from carefully planned and selected raw materials, responsible and sustainable manufacturing processes.

At our brand new purpose built factory, we invested into energy efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint as a part of our sustainability journey. New technology allows us to save yearly over four million liters of water. 678 solar panels installed on the rooftop of our factory generate more energy than we need to manufacture our products, allowing us to run our manufacturing using purely solar energy.




Balanced life and well-being can be seen in everything we do. Our business is nothing without our people. We share not only a common workplace, but also goals. Together we want to ensure a safe working environment for hair professionals, while creating great hair every day!