SensiDO Simplex Bonder

  •  Reinforces, protects and repairs hair during chemical processing
  •  Effectively strengthens hair
  •  Repairs already existing damages
  •  Suitable for all hair types and conditions
  •  Perfume free and vegan
  •  Only for professional use


During lightening, coloring and perming treatments your internal hairs structure is compromi¬sed, causing hair breakage and tangling. Thus, protecting your hair during chemical treatments is extremely important. SensiDO Simplex Bonder is an excellent product to use during each chemical treatment performed. The active ingredients support hair during treatment, strengthen hair bond structure and repair damaged bonds. Good hair condition will ensure hair color endurance stays vivid and shiny longer.

If hair is damaged and in poor condition ask your hair stylist about Simplex Bonder deep conditioning treatment that will enhance hydration and natural elasticity, while repairing internal hair structure. Deep conditioning treatment will strengthen and repair hair, improving condition and shine.

It is recommended to take proper care of your hair also in between salon services. Perfect Simplex Bonder home use products were developed to help you repair internal hair structure and prevent further damage.

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